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Cactus Canyon Colorization V. 1.0 - 64 Colors

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Author: JP Ajmo


Before I begin, A Special Thanks to Martin Knoppke, help me a lot with some scene and gave me good advice during this project! Always there to help, thanks Martin! Great tutorials also!!


Also I want to thank Terranigma for all the dump!!


Finally I can released the first version of my Cactus Canyon Colorization :) 


This was my first colorization project, so that's why it takes me more time to finish.  I was learning Pin2DMD editor at the same time and make sure I can deliver a good colorization version for you all!


I can't said for certain that I completed 100% of the scene, but I must be close cause I played, played and played, tested tested tested.... LOL  and I didn't hit a scene that I didnt color, but Its possible that I miss, Im not a pro player LOL :) But feel free to let me know which scene I maybe miss and I will make sure I add those in the next version!


 Issues :

- For sure it contains some transtion glitch \ Some color bug (Will try to make it better in the next version when I got the time, too busy at work now ....)

- Minor flickering color


Will only works with VPX  and Freezy  v1.10.0 supporting 64 colors

*** I added a .PAC file

***CACTUS_CANYON_PAC.pac in PAC folder


Works with ROM CC 1.3   (I didnt test with other ROM version)


Im sure I will revisit this project later and make it better !


Hope your like it :)


Feel free to comment and review!!





Edited by jpajmo

What's New in Version 1.5   See changelog


Hello again !!


First, I want to thank everybody that give me good review and comments! I really appreciated it! 🤙


Like I said in my earlier version, it was suppose to be the final version, but..... It was missing a couple of thing that bug me! And Terranigma encourage me to give another shot to some scene etc... I like to thanks him again for this! 🤠


Here some of the changes and adjustments I made in this (hoping the final version LOL) version:


- I removed the DOT everywhere :) I hope I get all the scene.

- I adjusted(some weird pixel) in the Cactus Bonus scene (Cactus Collide Explosion) for all the X bonus number , its very clean now 🙂

- Add some Free Play scene, hope they work, I didn't test them... sorry

- Fix bug in Bank Explosion and Robbery scenes, now its good 🙂 

- Readjusted other random scenes for transition and glitches (Corrupted Frame, weird Color or wrong keyframe)


In this ZIP 1.5 files, I was able to fix my issue with my editor, so I save this version in PAL and PAC, 2 differents folder for each format :)


Hope everbody enjoy this more complete version, and now on to the next project!!!!


I will let you know soon which one I choose to do next :)




Thanks !






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cc_13 ROM Name
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1998 Year

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Brilliant, it really enhances the enjoyment of the table. Thank you.

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This is one of the best colored DMDs we have!! Great Table, great Pup Pack, great Altsound - plus this formular 1 DMD - together its one of the best made tables.  Thankyou for every hour you spent. 🙂

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Great colorization! And also many thanks for keeping the old format for us who will not switch...

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· Edited by ssol100


This is such a huge upgrade to a top 25 table.  64 colors really makes it pop.  It was really needed, thanks for all your efforts!!

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Thanks for this awesome colorized version of cc. 

And I really appreciate you share this with the community

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It looks amazing ... thanks for sharing your work. We aren´t able to "beer" you here 🤩

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