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[New B2S Alert] Iron Maiden (Original 2019) FP Mod Backglass

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Iron Maiden (Original 2019) FP Mod Backglass

This is a new / original 16x9 backglass for Siggi's awesome Iron Maiden (Fire Power) VPX table.

What was supposed to be fairly simple as far as backglasses go, turned out to be pretty tough to do ... so I ended up making 2 different versions, so you can choose which one you want to use with your system.

Iron Maiden (Original 2019) FP Mod.directB2S has animated lighting FX and is a low CPU usage backglass. I built in an effect that shows the backglass turning on when you first run it.

Iron Maiden (Original 2019) FP Mod-Animated.directB2S contains a very cool 'SMOKE EFFECT' that runs on the screen behind 'Eddie'. This is a heavier CPU usage backglass, so if it slows down your pin playfield use the other one. This one does not include the lighting fx, because it was too much for the B2S Server to handle.

I've tested this with the frpwr_b7.zip rom (which is what the table uses) and both run fine in my cabinet. I am torn as to which one I like better.

Been working on this for 2 1/2 days, and my wife thinks I'm nuts ... but I am very happy with the result.




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