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Ultra DMD on pin2dmd

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Hello friends

i was reading a lot , but all i read is from 2017 / early 2018  i dont know if this is good now.

what i did

Test table Americas Most haunted.

Reinstalled VPX

clicked on pin2dmd

installed ultradmd

took the files XDMDNative.dll and XDMD.dll

copied this files in the following directories :



both of the are on C:\

i dont get this to work and i am at the point that i dont know why.

Would appreciate any kind of help


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I am using Lucky1’s XDMD.dll,  XDMDnative.dll, DMDdevice.dll : And all is good

I need These 3 files so UltraDMD will talk to my pin2DMD

Put them in the UltraDMD or XDMD Folder (Whatever you may have)


I also added support for commas in the score with UltraDMD Games

More Info



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thank you fir the answer i am running 2.2 Firmware , maybe this could be a reason ?


p.s i have an XDMD and an DMDext folder directly made from the installation tool from the 10.5 All in one setup


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Hi guyd im having the same problem, I tried reinstalling ultraDMD and copying the files across, I didnt replace the USB Drivers though do you have a link to it?


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