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need a help

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hello friend
im a new in vpuniverse.com  , im a good player in panthera and amazon hunt in vpinball and in real too .
but what im not understanding is why when i shoot extraball and special i got nothing is that means that my roms not full ?
thx for help

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It might be several reasons. I haven't looked at these specific tables if what I'm telling you is valid or not. But, this is more of a heads up to everyone on the subject.

Always run the table once, then quit and run it again if it is the very first time the rom in question is being run. In some cases, it can even be smart if you you've run the rom from old VP9, EM5 etc to actually deleted the nvram and registry entry for the rom - before even playing it on a new table. One typical example of this is Vector, Only the new Vector seems to do a proper job tracking the ball speed which is a feature in the game.

Once you've started it once, hitting F6 might be a good idea. What you are looking for can maybe be set if the code has included easy accessible rom options.

If noting happens pressing F6, you might need to find the game manual and read up on how you go into the rom menu and adjusting these things yourself. I can't tell you exactly how to do this last step as it differs from what era the machine is from and the manufacturer. There is some tips on how to get you going in the top menu over at VPF -> Tutorials.

It is possible that there is error in the game code or in the rom emulation itself. Both are stuff that only the smartest of the smart ones fixes. Another reason to update VPM from time to time.

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