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script error line 136 game not found

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Hey guys, I use to play visual pinball alot on my desktop back in the day, before you could play some of the sam tables. I have a new desktop now and wanted to get back to it, after a long break. and found a family guy vpx table. I really want to play this game but every time i try to start it it gives me "scrpit error line 136 game not found"  im using vp 10 i have sam.vbs in the same folder as my table and i copied the vpinMAME64.dll over the old one. The famly guy rom is called Family Guy (Stern 2007) 1.1 Fart.vpx . I also clicked on the setup and clicked insatll and setup delfaults. could someone please help me get this table running? 

  Thanks so much guys :)

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