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Would like to commission someone to make a custom DMD video for PinballX

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I have absolutely no skill set here or the inclination to learn, so I was wondering if I could commission someone to make me a custom DMD video with instruction on how to use the table, such as “Use flippers to scroll through tables” and “Press Start to select a table” etc.

My table is Family Guy themed and it would be really cool to have a Family Guy themed DMD video, but to be honest, just a generic text only video that’s quick and easy for someone would suffice just fine.

If interested, PM me and I’ll be more than happy to pay someone to do this for me.

In the mean time, if anyone knows of any generic ones I could use, I’d greatly appreciate a link.

Thanks so much,


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That's sounds like a good idea !

I'm asking myself about having a good video to put on PinballX because most of them have a bad rendering on a PIN2DMD.

I will try something with the PIN2DMD tool and try to create a file to test it ;)

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