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VPX colored ROMs causing stutter.

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Hey guys - TRYING to get colored roms working, and although im close - they stutter big time and prevent the game from being playable. 
Mind you, these games run FLAWLESSLY without the external DMD enabled. I have the current dll and ini files in BOTH the windows/sysWOW folder and my pinmame. Ive tried them in JUST the pinmame folder with the same results.
All files are unblocked as well.

Is there any other files I need to install from the dmdtext.zip folder? 
It just doesn't make sense that this causes THAT big of a system drain....

I've tried to google all the setup guides I could find and tried to install as they have stated. 
Is there a known best one to use?


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I have this working fine on a new install, but on my older pincab I get stuttering.  I do have DOF installed (unified 3++) on the older cab and wonder if that has anything to do with it.

uninstalled all vp & related programs, reinstalled and everything is running great again!


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