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B2S Designer / Layer Order / Z-order

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Hello, I try to understand how to define the "layer order" in B2S Designer and how can we change it ?

How to define which lamp or snippit must be on the other one or on the back of the other one ?

I know photoshop layers (down to up very logical) ; CSS z-index and I see a "z-order" in the snippit setting but don't seem to work and nothing about this in the official documentation :o

So help please !

I leave an image to explain exactly what I want to do because I'm not sure about my english :)




Actually, when I export my illuminated B2S everything looks ok but when I launch-it with the table the lamps appears to be only on the backglass, the mask seems to be off (actually my mask is a snippit witch is "always on"). So for example I don't see the text "game over" or "ball in play" just the lamp on a blue block.


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After a lot of boring tests :) , I know you can ordering snippits layers :

The last you clic on will be on the back of the others.

In the following example I have three snippits (blue, red and violet with alpha hole and lamps with no id and always on for testing)

I click in this order blue > red > violet and I place my 3 lamps so when I export Fisrt I have the Blue under the blue the Red and under the Red the Violet with lamps light only where there is no snippits PERFECT !

(on the left the view in the designer and on the right view the export illuminated backglass image) :



BUT :blink: when I try my b2s with a table the snippit order is correct but the lamps looks to be over every snippits layers :


I tryed to put some lamp ID on the illumination frame and look better :


But the violet mask with hole look light and I tryed this method because I doesn't want this part to be light (the idea of the mask).

So if someone has an idea and can help, I left my test b2s if you want to play with :



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So did you figure it out yet???


z order is kinda screwed up in the editor...it does work but ..
The trick is you have to build it in the order you want it to work ...in other words you cannot backtrack  and change things or add something you forgot or it will

not work and you will have to start over again :(..

it drives me crazy all the time when i forget something and have to do it all over again B)

it doesn't work like PS layer wise ...I wish it did  lol...

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come on old man, you have to know someone that can rebuild this b2s designer, out of date mess!!   ;)   

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sad-crying-smiley-face.gif   I gave up on that a long time ago   LOL

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Thanks for your answer Wildman and sorry to answer you so late.

I'll follow your advice and import my "Ressources" in the order I would like for layers, beginning by the front ending by the back elements, beginning by the back elements ending by the front elements.

I found the following printscreen, during the WIP of B2S Designer (v 0.1), the "Ressources" windows was called "Images and layers" so what you say make sense.



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