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Cabinet Source Code Available?

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I'm currently developing a network interface for VPinMAME. The goal is to get rid of the daisy chaining of the applications involved. Currently the data from VPinMAME is taking the following way.


VPinMAME <-> UVP <-> VPinball <-> ledcontrol.vbs


This is very inefficent in my eyes. My idea is to optimize the communication in the following way.


VPinMAME <-> VPinball (using the COM interface like now)

LedControl Tool <-> VPinMAME (using the network interface)

UVP Replacement <-> VPinMAME (using the network interface)


I've just recognized there is a replacement for UVP called B2S Backglas Server, I will give it a try soon. Is the source code available for this? This would be a good start to add and test the network interface.


I'm developing on my desktop PC with the official VPinMAME source found on sourceforge, but I'd like to switch over to the cabinet source because my goal is to use this in my cabinet.

But I can't find the current cabinet source, it was released together with VPinMAME 2.5 but the link is dead. Does someone has the cabinet source and can upload it?


Ps: As side projects I've already developed a LedWiz replacement using an Arduino Uno and a driver board with four 74hc595 and ULN2803. There is no PWM right now but I'm planning to add it later. Currently the Arduino is driven "the LedWiz way" with a slightly modified ledcontrol.vbs and a small dll. It's planned to switch over to the network interface once finished.

My second side project is an Atmega8 driven joystick controller, it offers 14 digital inputs (buttons) and will get 3 adc inputs soon (for driving a nudiging chip and plunger). This is based on an open source project found on the internet.

If some people are interested in this projects I would create packages including schematics, board layouts and soure code.

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Sounds interesting. I'm keen to see how your software ideas workout.

Looks like there are a few hardware projects for controlling feedback in the works. This can only be a good thing.

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I'm a big proponent of the arduino options that are/have been developed recently, i'm slowly putting things together for my build so please keep us updated.  Any mods I've played around with were hacking/rewiring usb controllers.  While they worked somewhat they were no where near as elegant a solution.

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I will release a package on github of the things I've done so far in the next days. Currently I'm cleaning those things up to release them. (For example the comments are not in english now and my COM control is named Test2).

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