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Wips! Everything Must Go! Lost In Space, Big Hurt, Robocop, The Rolling Stones!

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Hello all, I'm too lazy to repost the whole thing, but you can read up on it at VPF.




I have decided to take a break from building to spend more time with family and other hobbies.  I figured my current WIPs should be released for others to pick up.  I will say in advance, my scripting is messy and I tend to leave stuff in there that doesn't really need to be there (for example, I use a previous table I made as a base and start modifying it).  I also try to keep similar things together, like rollover switches in one place, standup targets in one place, etc...but I often throw stuff in the middle of nowhere...sorry about that.


Anyways, you can read more specifically about what each WIP needs in the post above.


Those table are:


Lost in Space



Frank Thomas Big Hurt



And Robocop



And of course the one I didn't post there is The Rolling Stones:



TRS is missing lots of plastics and decals.  I'm was hoping to get some resources for those but they haven't turned up yet.  If I come across them.  I can share them with whoever would like to pick this one up.  Also, the Mick Jagger moving script is not done yet but I contacted a very capable author that I'm sure can script it when time allows.  Currently, Mick moves via a script that originally came from some unknown source.  It is not really accurate, as he only moves one spot in one direction, until he gets to the end of that direction and moves back the other direction in the same manner.  Likewise, if I recall, the switch hits on Mick aren't working either. Here is the current WIP:


WIP The Rolling Stones


Feel free to play these WIPs as is, or modify them to your heart's content and release them in their completed state, which I encourage!  If anyone was on the fence about starting to build, maybe these WIPs would be a good starting point.  The artwork itself is a good place to start.  I still suck at the whole process but I've learned some things.  And like me, you'll come across some really helpful and willing folks here so have at it!

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Wipes look like a great starting point! I may take over big hurt if nobody else does. And sorry to see you go but everyone needs a break and I know you will be back soon! Thanks for all you have done with vp so far :)

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Hey Randr, I would love to see you take on Big Hurt.  Thanks for kind words, and thank you for helping me with getting DOF and my Sainsmart working.  Your information was a great help for me!

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