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Ledwiz Not Working From Hyperpin For Fp

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I recently upgraded my hard drive and decided to re-install HP, VP, and FP from scratch.  Everything works except this one thing, and after a number of google searches, I can't find where anyone else has had this issue (but I seem to recall it coming up when FP-LedWiz was new).


I have FP working with Ledwiz - as long as I don't launch the table from Hyperpin. VP via hyperpin has no issue. I have polled over the fplaunch.ahk script, and I don't see anything that would disable the ledwiz.  I tried removing all ledwiz stuff from hyperpin/fplaunch, updated settings.ini,etc.. with no luck.   I did see where one post suggested FutureDMD might be an issue, but I can run them together fine (outside of Hyperpin).


Anyone have any suggestions on where to look next?





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