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  1. my performance is fine, 120fps with just under 1% reprojection, but i have a strange issue where the table jitters around while playing. no matter where i sit in my room with 2 steamvr base stations it happens. i don't have this issue with anything else, and the actual vr rooms aren't jittery, it's just the table within the room. is anyone else seeing this?
  2. great table, thanks! i added the music and put a bit of time into it, what a great tribute to a great game. unfortunately, i also experience the "slow physics" of the ball. the rest of the table seems to run fine, but the ball just feels "slow". this happens both at locked 90fps VR and 120fps on my monitor. i tried the script fix above but it makes no difference and that thread also has a comment now saying it's become an option in the UI. any hints on what's happening here? i've tried about 30 tables at this point and this is the only one i'm having this issue with.
  3. absolutely awesome, thank you! i was going to ask why i didn't see a vr room of such a popular table then caught the photo before downloading.
  4. thanks for fighting the good fight. i just got into vp and i'm surprised to see such a grifter. i didn't see his site in any of my searches though, so at least he is ranked pretty low. why not contact his host and file a DMCA or something? do these assets/software include any type of license that allows modification but prohibits sale? of course his forums require manual post approval
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