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  1. Real pinball files. The source code . https://mega.nz/folder/ZZYU0bra#kMVlDHE2a_1YKBBdoPltuA
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Not 100% but the source files are in the shadow topic. https://paypal.me/Jefrey13?country.x=NL&locale.x=nl_NL
  3. Hello do you have real files for Shadow?
    Please can you confirm yes or no. I can make a donation for files.


  4. Hello do you have project Shadow? look for real pin color rom

    If you want i can make a donation.


    Greets Flip

  5. I released a test version for the vpin.Its not finished and i dont know how it plays on vpin because i dont have vpin. Still got some problems with the keyframing.Got look at it when back from the holidays .
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Colorazation The Shadow i used the lh 6 rom Testversion not finished yet
  7. I am on 90% of the colorization then keyframing but havent much free time anymore. I hope i can finish it in the next 30 days.
  8. Its a hell of a job job but still going.Here some gifs. EDIT:gifs doesnt work they uploaded as gif but shown as one frame.FIXED
  9. After watching @NetzZWerg tuttorial i get motivated to try one of my fav. pins colorized with pin2dmd again.The editor has been update since the last time i work with it another motivation.And this time i want to finish it.Here a clip what i have done so far.
  10. Thanks i take a look at it. I was wonder how the videomode like the shadow to do?
  11. here a almost full dump of shadow Shadow full.txt.gz shadow vengenance.txt.gz shadowfinal.txt.gz
  12. I starting with the shadow i dont know if i ever finished the whole game.There are much complicated scene's but iam still learning and it takes much time to colorize. There a lot of dynamic scenes and thats still a problem for me. Here some scene that i have done.
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