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  • [New VP10 Hybrid Alert] Blood Machines (VPW Original 2022)

    Blood Machines (VPW Original 2022)

    Alright, let’s do this old school…


    VPinWorkshop are proud to present our very first original table, “Blood Machines”, based on the movie from Seth Ickerman with music by Carpenter Brut.


    After watching Blood Machines iaakki thought that it would make a great theme for a pinball table, so we started talking about it in VPW and decided that if we were going to do it as our first completely original VPW table, that we wanted to do it properly.
    With this in mind we contacted Seth Ickerman to see if they would be interested in the project and to see if there was any chance they would be able to provide any assets that we could use. Thankfully Not only were they amazed at what we were doing, but they supplied us with 70gig of 3D models and textures which were used in the film!
    The only issue now was that these were so high detail that a huge amount of work was needed to optimize them so they would even load in VPX, but thankfully Flupper came to the rescue and did a fantastic job optimising the models and textures so we could put them in the table without setting your PC on fire (for example the ship went down from 8 million polygons to 130,000!)


    At the time of writing this the table was at revision 335 (release candidate 1.5) with *well* over 1000 man-hours sunken into it, the amount of work has been staggering but we hope that you’ll agree that it was worth it.
    The table itself has loads of features that have never been seen before in other VPX tables and we have tried our best to keep most/all of it secret as we want everyone to experience it for themselves firsthand, which is why until very recently we’ve kept details very close to our chest.


    In order to fully enjoy the table and play it as it was designed to be played, you will need to purchase the awesome soundtrack by Carpenter Brut (about £5/$5/5e) and place it in your vpinball music directory;
    C:\Visual Pinball\Music\BLOOD MACHINES OST
    We really hope people do support the artist and purchase it from;


    VPW Blood Machines

    • Project Lead – iaakki
    • Table Layout Design – iaakki, Dapheni
    • Art Lead & 2D Graphics – Astronasty
    • 3D Objects & Textures – Tomate, Flupper, iaakki, Sixtoe, D.J.
    • Scripting & Coding – iaakki, Apophis, oqqsan, Wylte, Lumigado, fluffhead35
    • DMD – Oqsan, eMBee, Astronasty, Lumigado.
    • VR – Sixtoe, leojreimroc, iaakki
    • Table Rules – Apophis, iaakki, VPW Team.
    • Shot Tester – gtxjoe
    • Testing – Rik, PinStratsDan, VPW Team


    Installation Instructions


    VPX 10.7

    FlexDMD v1.8.0




    Riks Cabinet WIP Video

    PinStratsDan Desktop Video


    You can watch the film on Shudder, AMC’s streaming service;



    • Seth Ickerman is a pseudonym for 2 French directors Raphaël Hernandez and Savitri Joly-Gonfard.
    • Carpenter Brut is a pseudonym for Franck Huesom, a French darksynth artist from Poitiers, France.


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    Thanks once more!!! Looks great plays great. The Music take this one to a higher lvl.

    Cant wait to get more of your awesome stuff! Thx to all envolved!!!! 🥰

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