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    VPUniverse is not just a file hosting site. VPUniverse will not accept randomly uploaded files.  All files uploaded are verified. The files hosted here are submitted to VPUniverse by the original authors/creators of the file unless permissions have been given.

    Before uploading to this site please ensure that you have met the following criteria:

    1. Is the file being uploaded your creation?
    2. Did you get permissions from the original author(s) to modify or upload this file?

    When uploading images with your file... DO NOT USE AN ANIMATED IMAGE AS YOUR PRIMARY IMAGE!  Animated images are causing the front page of VPUniverse to become really large in size.  Since the front page uses the screenshot/images pulled from the uploaded files this is causing the front page to become quite large in size.  Please upload a static screenshot as your primary screenshot. You may still upload the animated image but DO NOT USE AS PRIMARY SCREENSHOT.

    Table MODifications:
    If you are releasing a MOD to an existing file.

    1. Always try to get permission from the original author(s).
    2. Include in your release and on the release notes all CREDTS to the original author(s).
    3. Instead of releasing a full table package, consider using the VPURemix table patchin program.



    Permission For Mod Not Possible?  USE VPURemix
    If permission is not possible and the original table is still available for download from one of the official/recognized sites modding should be allowed.  The original table from the original authors is required for the VPURemix program to work. The creator that makes the MOD should include a link to the orignal table they used as the base for their MOD.  End users would be required to download the original UNMODIFIED version and apply the patch. 


    Upload your VPURemix releases:
    Upload your VPURemix Patch to the Remix category.


    If your file meets the above criteria; please continue with your upload.



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