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  • Database Server Upgrade - Temporary restrictions in place - VIP 250 download per 24 hour period.

    We apologize for the recent downtime on VPUniverse. We are experiencing some major growing pains. We have many new people entering the hobby and many many new contributors. This has all outgrown my expectations of VPUniverse and the server capabilities.  The site was maxing out connections to the database and causing the site to be extrememly slow. We have made several server upgrades during the downtime and so far so good. We will continue to monitor the situation and make changes/upgrades as necessary.

    In the mean time, we currently have VIP downloads limited to 250 per 24 hour period and max to 25 simultaneous downloads. Most users will never hit this limit, but there have been several accounts identified that's been possibly causing database corruption/locking. This is just one of the things that I am currently monitoring as download sessions have been locking the database causing the server instability.  This is only temporary until we can determine the exact cause of the server issue. 



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    That "restriction" doesn't need to be temporary, IMO.  No human should be hitting that cap 🤖

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    • Administrators

    And any donations are greatly appreciated  to the site to keep it going ,

    even $5 or $10 here and there for all the free content is worth it ...

    Dazz covers alot out of his own pocket to cover server cost just to keep this site operating,

    This is the best VPX site out there right now for top notch content..

    In a time when alot of other VP sites are closing down because it just cost to much to maintain,

    Its a good thing to support your favorite site, this message is mostly for all the leeches that think this 

    is a free for all just take and not give, There's probley  250 guys out of 40000 that support the site...

    Pretty Sad.......   so just remember when its to much to run a site and it just closes the door dont blame the guy that puts  HIS ALL into the site to make you people happy......

    Its supposed to be a community NOT A FREE FOR ALL.........

    Thanks to all the guys that do care.....YOU GUYS ROCK MAN !!!!

    And THANKS to all the Donators and Authors , and helpful people... Without you guys this site wouldnt exist....


    THANK YOU 🙂👍



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    Whoa, 250 download in 24hours. I don't think I could hit that if I tried. If I downloaded 3 tables a day with a table, b2s and a ROM. That would be 270 in a month.


    This sounds like scraping. However, if you are talking about database hits, that's depends heavily on architecture. If you don't already, consider query caching technology like memcached which might help with database load.

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    On 6/10/2022 at 8:54 AM, PanteraZombie said:

    I was at Silver level, but just upgraded... totally worth it!

    I've gone for gold, but still do the 25/250 limit so that my account doesn't get banned lol

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