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PinSound: Attack From Mars Remake, uncompressed remastered soundtrack


PinSound: Attack From Mars Remake, uncompressed remastered soundtrack

Chicago Gaming Co., under license, has been reproducing Attack From Mars machines with updated electronics. This includes an upgraded sound system and a remastered soundtrack.

The game code is publicly available at the Chicago Gaming Co website to allow owners to do machine restores/updates.  I can confirm that is is not password protected or encrypted. It is very easy to load the image in 7-zip and extract the contents. 

All of the sound samples in the latest available code installer are located in the following folder:


All files are uncompressed, 16 bit PCM, 31.25 kHz sampling rate, 1000 kb/s bit rate, stereo. The remastering, as indicated by the sample source folder name, is that all tracks were leveled to 25% of volume (presumably, 85 db?). It is believed that the samples come from the original digital masters. The only thing better would be the original analog studio masters. Who knows if those even exist anymore. Presumably, if they existed they would have been used.

I've mapped the samples to the currently available PinSound structure for the classic Attack From Mars. See attached files. I've mapped in both directions, and all samples in the Remake collection are currently in the PinSound structure. Also, there are quite a few items in the PinSound structure that are not in the Remake collection. Differences may be there because of changes that came with revisions to the code for the original Attack From Mars production run. Remake is based on v1.0. But most VPM users probably use one of the later variants.                          

In the maps, if I did not find a match then instead of the match I have listed the code that the game would use to call the sample. 

That's about as far as I'm taking it here. The license holder is known to be very protective of their license. But the information in this tutorial would allow someone to construct their own highest quality PinSound package and enjoy sound samples identical to what Remake owners enjoy.





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