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Hi @zedrummer, I currently have a ZEDMD (realDMD + ESP32) and among the 60 Pinball Tables (VPX) that are installed, only 1 does not display anything on the REALDMD (no LEDs lit up, black screen): Star Trek 25th anniversary.
 looks like no signal is getting through.
On the Virtualdmd of this Table, everything works fine.


The format/ratio of the dmd seems different from the others (128x16) (?). Is this the reason why nothing is displayed on the RealDMD (ZEDMD)?

I tried to change some parameters in the DmdDevice.ini file, but it doesn't change anything.


Any idea?





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Hello @marco37 and thanks

I shamefully recognize that I only tested 128x32 and 192x64 roms and not the 128x16. I promise that it'll be fixed in the next 2 or 3 months. You don't imagine how much time I spend on all my coding every day, on Serum colorization format ATM, but on ZeDMD as often as possible.

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Thank you, I know you are working hard, and I appreciate it! 

I have the wish to create the coloured rom in your format (serum) of this table (StarTrek 25th) with your software, and it would be great to be able to test it on ZEDMD.


Good luck to you!

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