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TimeLord (Q-Man v TimeLord) Hybrid


Fire up the dragon, engage you sixth sense and enjoy a wonderful journey through time and space with TimeLord 2.0. The TimeLord journey continues in this exciting update to TimeLord after a 6 month overhaul stint in VPHelp.  The game is now suitable for novices and hard core pinball players alike and you have the option to play in either in either a hard or easy mode. There are beautiful playfield graphics,DMD displays and Oqqsan's light display and plastic effects are mesmerising. Tomates transparent ramps are a work of art and fit spectacularly with the table and all shots can be tracked across the whole table. This update has designed to enhance the charm of the original TimeLord 1.0.  If lucky enough to have VR, Rawd has brought a beautiful original cabinet to life. It is a beautiful piece of work complete with  a mechanical gear clock top the backbox. I hope you enjoy TimeLord 2.0 journey. I certainly have enjoyed this version of the game thanks to the Support and mentoring by jP Salas, incredible talent and ideas from VPin Help and people like Outhere who just pop up and provide DOF to the game.


Incorporated into the game are


NFozzy Physics

Fleep Sounds

Light Inserts



This is a link to the gameplay overview



This is  Link to a game played by pezima77 showing how to complete the tasks to get to the glory table



This is a link for a brief overview  of the callouts in TimeLord 2.0. Callouts are made by the robot, the TimeLord imposter and a choir. 




For those who don't have VR & would like a view of the cabinet and Rawds VR Room this is a link to the VR room tour put together by Smaug and Rawd.


I recommend that you have the latest version of VPinballX10.7, VPinPame 3.4 or later and Freezy DMD is a must although I don't recommend that you select it in the script. I recommend that JPs  DMD flashers are used for cabs, Desktop and VR. These have maximum definition for DMD's and can be used with Pin2DMD's.

The game is not set up for surround sound feedback. It is designed and eq'd for 7.1 surround sound. I recommend that you set Audio options to 7.1 Surround (5th option,Front speakers to back, back speakers to side and Backglass speakers to front and tick Both audio, fx sounds boxes). For people who have mixed audio cards or using playfield monitor speakers as part of the sound set up you may have to allocate sound files to the backglass. For some reason not known to me people with multiple sound devices have all sound files allocated to the table when loading. In the sound manager this will include all music files which start with the prefix "m_" & all callouts which start with the prefix "co_".

For people with DOF TimeLord 2.0 uses the same DOF configuration as the TimeLord 1.0 so the game is set ready to go and should play with no issues.

VR players have the option for a basic room or Rawds room which is selectable in script.


Thankyou to the  amazing crew who have worked with Avago on this project.


Avago are;

JP Salas-Game framework, scripting and mentoring

Rawd- Virtual Reality

Oqqan- Lighting, light sequences, plastic scripting

Aphophis-Mecahnical tilt, scripting and support

Gedankekojote-NFozzy Physics, Fleet Sounds, Luts


Whylte- Final physics & dynamic ball shadow.


Table Testing & Game ideas- PinStratsDan, Joe Soap & Crakkers

Game Ideas & support- Sixtoe & Remdwass

Making it fun-Smaug

Game Design & concept- RusstyT & HP

GamePlay, Scripting, Sound Design, Callouts, Table & Backglass Design- RusstyT

This game uses many objects from other Table Builder including, JP Salas, Flupper1s light inserts and Scotty Wickburgs dragon spinner, rotating bumper caps and rotating eyeballs. The ramp ideas are inspired by TOTAN, Opening ramp inspired by Bride of Pinbot and the 4 kicker centre lane is inspired by the EM game melody. Many thank to all the wonderful authors who provided inspiration for TimeLord 2.0


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