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So after a long hiatus I picked up the editor again and have started doing some colouring. In between changes for a big update I'm working on for Demo Man I decided to do something with a bit more colour. Still some way to go, but I think I have captured all of the scenes I need. The main score took ages and a lot of painful pixel perfect colouring, but it works and it looks pretty cool.






This is my first Stern game colourisation and the dumps are so clean, it's unreal! Probably a few weeks away yet, Chef's mode will require a bit of focused LCM work but otherwise everything else looks pretty easy, in the grand scheme of things (famous last words)

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8 hours ago, FishTales10 said:

Can’t even begin to figure out how you colored the score screen.  


Actually it turned out to be pretty easy - only one house roof touches the top row, so I have a mask covering just the top row and the very left hand column to create all the unique hashes I need; I think I include the bottom row too just to be sure and avoid any clashes elsewhere (the bottom row is always solid). 


The hardest part was learning that the score can appear starting at any point in the loop so using a color mask sequence didn't really save me any effort and I end up just having to use 128 single frame triggers. But as an added bonus, none of this is affected by the ball count, credit amount or free play state or credit dots, so I am confident the score screen is complete!

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So glad to see you back at it! Let me know if you need some suggestions on which games to do next! Hint, hint, perhaps Judge Dredd or Star Trek....? I know someone that can do some serious testing for you on those pins! 😉






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