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Tiki Bob's Swingin' Holiday Soiree (Original Theme)

Tiki Bob's Swingin' Holiday Soiree

Step into the world of Tiki Bob...


A swingin' holiday update for you hep cats!
Grab your favorite cocktail and head
down to the beach for a holiday soiree.
If you've been a good boy or girl Santa
might even stop by and say hello..


Lot's fun details and it might even snow!



  •  All new holiday soundtrack
  •  Graphic overlay
  •  Updated B2s (apophis)
  •  Some holiday magic


Included Table and B2s



This version has had a massive file size reduction thanks to the update.
I will be updating the original Tiki Bob table as well. (link below)

This means you can have BOTH my tiki tables installed and the total file size will be much smaller than the original Tiki Bob table was alone.


Original theme by iDigStuff
2022, version 1.0.0


Co-piloted by Apophis
B2S | media | scripting help| fleep sounds | nFozzy physics


Special Thank You to VPin Workshop & Watacaractr & Scotty Wic & Peter G
Much appreciation to JP Salas & VPNation
Primitive assistance Andrei Maraklov


Based on:

Tiki Bob's Atomic Beach Party (2021)

Which is based on Cheetah by JPSalas



Background info


MUSIC LINK TOP OF SCRIPT (Table will not work without it)

Unzip and put folder "tikixmas" into :\\visualpinball\music

Music Control

Right Magna = Next Track
Left Magna = Stop Music

The start button can also be used to skip tracks if the player does not have magnasave buttons.

Backglass & Front end media included in download


All Artwork, Logos, Copyrights and Trademarks are property of their respective owners.



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Could someone copy and paste the link to the new music here? I don't connect my machine to the internet to prevent Microsoft from auto updating and messing up all my files......and it is the only pC i own with VPX installed , so no other place I can open the script and edit to find the link



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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

I have the included music folder unzipped and inside my vp/music folder. I still get the constant errors that chriss4198 is getting.

It's strange because the table seems to be looking for .ogg files and the music files mentioned that needed are .mp3 files.


Are there other .ogg files that I need to locate somewhere? Thanks.

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