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Stranger Things 4 LPE 1.0 (Limited PRO Edition)

Stranger Things 4 LPE 1.0 (Limited POR Edition)

By: Out of My Mind Arcade


This Table Version was made using TC Deez's 2.0 version of Stranger Things Stranger Edition-


The HellFire Club, Vecna‘s curse, The Monster and the Superhero, Dear Billy, 
The Nina Project, The Dive, The Massacre at Hawkins Lab, PAPA, and The Piggyback. 
In the spring of 1986, The adventure continues….. 

Join 011 and become the 10th HellFire Club party member, Help the party battle through their most dangerous adventure yet! 
Help find HOPP, defeat the Badmen, Save Max, Kill the Demogorgon and defeat Vecna! 
With a few new twists added to the table and a brand new puppack and ultradmd themed for the new amazing season 4 of Stranger things….. 
Welcome back to Hawkins Ballers! 


Thank you to everyone who downloads this table I had a blast making the 1.0 version and I hope you enjoy it to!

I want to also thank everybody that was involved with this table prior to my mod, 
Thank you to Scotty Wic for his amazing 1.0 version, 
Thank you to TC Deez for his 2.0 version, for all the new scripting 
and his awesome topper videos and for listing permission to mod his 2.0 version.
All of the Stern style Demogorgon topper videos were all done by TC Deez.


I would also like to thank  Shaggysrsg for helping me Test the table out.


My season 4 table, ultradmd, and puppack all work completely independent from its two original versions,
So no editing is required to play my table version and it’s puppack/ ultradmd 
nor will it interfere with the playing of the original tables and it’s puppack.
Just drag and drop everything in the correct folders and get to playing Ballers.

What’s included in this download?

The Stranger Things 4 LPE 1.0 table file
Stranger Things 4 LPE ultradmd 
Stranger Things 4 LPE puppack
Pinup popper media folder
Read Me File with info on the popper media folder

The puppack/Ultradmd and media for this table is in the media link

Thank you again everyone! 



Until my next release… GAME ON BALLERS!!


RetroRommy6604, AKA- Out of My Mind Arcade


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On 2/16/2023 at 9:31 PM, patrickfx said:

Is it only me, the download only include the vpx table, nothing else as indicating in the description

You have to download the media pack that was in another link in the description tabs above in the original download screen. It is here at this link. https://mega.nz/file/zZ8myaSL#vjHpEa91h5a54eCzTB_KT32kt3KLNIV281YeVJb1jzg

Wish there was a step by step video on how to load everything one by one folder by folder. Like specific to this game. That would be awesome. I've seen all the youtube videos and most are out of date or they go off on tangents. My comprehension is compromised so I have to visually learn.

I'll give it a try but I'm never able to negotiate anything other than .vpx and .b2s files, some toppers and wheels etc but when it gets all crazy like this, I'm lost immediately.  I love the guys and gals who post the decorative mp4 dmd templates. They always fit with no fuss. 


Thanks to everyone for their hard work making these fun games for us old timers.

All your work is appreciated regardless of my technical abilities.



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