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Capt. Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy (Bally 1976)

This is an updated version of Dozer316's Capt. Fantastic.  Thanks for permission to mod!


This table includes VR support which includes a fully working mirrored backglass.  See the reflection of the room and table!  The original backglass image was taken from a B2S by Stat (which may have come from Hauntfreaks...not sure).   It has been however heavily modified.  I used Ba Sti's VR Room from Rawd's "EZ Grab" VR Room.


Other updates to this version includes updated to nFozzy Physics (including roth drop targets) and Fleep sound package, new playfield and plastics (Thanks Rajo Joey!), new apron, new flippers (Thanks Bord!), changes to bonus light behaviour, various other table changes, including changes to various lighting, adding missing pegs and rails.


Table options are at the top of the script, including options for VR and cabinet mode.


A huge thanks for everyone who tested this table and recommended changes: Bord, Thalamus, Rothbauerw, PinStratsDan, Apophis.  Your advice really helped fixed many issues and is very much appreciated!  Thanks to Rajo Joey for the updated playfield and plastics and again to Bord for the new Flippers.


Idigstuff updated his mod to work on this version.   His mod will apply the music mod to this table in a few easy steps.  Get it here:



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