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Queen show must go on

Updated Queen table show must go on Ver3.1. improved graphics in FullHD. Fixed song titles. Editing DMD images. Small bug fixes on the script. good fun. And thank you for people who like


Hello everyone, I'm sharing the Queen show must go on table from the future Pinball Brothers which will be released at the end of 2022 or 2023. The base comes from the Kiss table by allknowing, which I thank. the table entirely created modification of the rules of games and script as well as the physics and sounds and musics and DMD. I wish you good fun. I think the table is fun to play.


Installation of the table
the playfield + ultradmd + backglass= in the table folder of visual pinball imperative
script copy files to folder script visual pinball imperative
mini pup copy the QUEEN_original_2022 folder in PinUPPlayer\PUPVideos if you want to use it remove the backglass.
copy Wembley folder to visual pinball music folder imperative


good fun


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