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Pharaoh (Williams 1981) w VR Room

Thank you to 32assassin for giving me permission to update this table! Also thank you to the VPW team for testing (especially Thalamus, Apophis, Bord, Rothbaurerw, leojreimroc, Sixtoe, and PinStratsDan)!


Pharaoh (Williams 1981) is one of the four double playfield machines designed by Williams in 1980-81 (others are Black Knight, Jungle Lord and Solar Fire).  It heavily uses the magna saves, and has lots of drop targets and other things to shoot for.  Like Solar Fire, the captive ball is a tough shot, and there are other "tombs" that you can shoot the ball into.


Updates in Version 2.0 done by UnclePaulie.  Added VR, Desktop, and cab hybrid modes.  Updated physics, drop targets, flippers, dynamic shadows, and lots of other updates to the VPW standards.  Also added 3D inserts, updated lighting, the latest VPW physics, sounds, sling corrections and GI brightness and fading routines. Some other various fixes done. I also updated the desktop backglass as well as the VR animated backglass and other VR options. There are also some performance improvements, and  I added a playfield mesh for upper and lower playfields, so there's a realistic bevel in the saucers.


There are several options in the script.  Including VR, ball brightness, and LUT lighting options.  Since this table heavily relies on the usage of the magnasave buttons, the LUT changes are done by holding cntl (or left mangasave) and then while holding, scroll through the options with the right magnasave.


This is a hybrid table, and it will automatically choose between desktop and cabinet, however, if you are playing in VR, you MUST change VR_Room to 1 in the script.   Additional options in the script include two VR environments, a VR clock, and settings for dynamic shadows if you experience a performance hit,


Thanks to everyone that helped!



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