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Batman [The Dark Knight] (Stern 2008) bord mod

Stern's 2008 Batman is a fun game that draws its strength from the quality of the game rules. Not exactly the golden age of Stern art direction, the layout would be revisited and refined years later for the truly classic Batman '66.


This mod features rendered textures & lighting, the requisite nfozzy/roth physics, fleep sounds, etc, etc.


Built on the tt/ninuzzu release with further contributions as follows:

  • Physics/Sounds/Rendered textures by bord
  • playfield and insert cleanup, script fixes by apophis
  • flashers fixed, VR added by sixtoe
  • lampz implemented by iakki
  • script fixes by wylte
  • playtested by many - the vpinball crew initially, later the VPW crew especially RIK and pinstratsdan


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