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Mousin' Around! (Bally 1989) w VR Room

So you wanna mouse around!  


This table was originally done by Herwey, and he gave me the permission to add all the latest physics, sounds, etc. to this fun table.  Thank you very much, Herwey!  On his version 1.1 he had help from several others including Schreibi, OldSkoolGamer, ICPjuggla, Cosmic80, Flupper, JPSalas, 32assassin, Sliderpoint, Ninuzzu, Dark, DJRobX, TTTTTWii, Bork and Thalamus.  


I did quite a few updates in version 2.0 mentioned below (and detailed in the vpx script), essentially getting up to the latest VPW physics and sounds, and other corrections.  Also thanks to Rothbauerw, PinStratsDan, Bord, Tomate, Sixtoe, Thalamus, and Benji for improvements, testing, and feedback on the 2.0 version!


If you are playing in VR... you MUST select VR_Room = 1 in the script!!


There are several options to select in the script, including ball brightness, color mods, GI and Flasher options, VR Room, VR clock, VR posters, VR topper.  

Color mods and flippers can be changed by clicking the right and left magna save buttons.  (You can turn that off in the script as well)


IF YOU experience performance issues... there are options to change that.  First of all, you can uncheck "Reflect Elements on Playfield in the table options window.  Also, you can turn dynamic shadows off for additional performance if needed.

Version 2.0 Updates include:


- Implemented the table to a hybrid (desktop, cab, and VR), and has options for ball brightness.  
- Added VR to include an animated backglass (image from Wildman), and several VR options (room, poster, clock, topper).  
- The table and flipper physics have been updated to the latest VPW standards, as well as dynamic shadows, drop targets, ramprolling sounds, and several other tweaks.  
- Fleep sounds added, as well as relay sounds.
- Added Flupper dome and Flupper bumpers.
- Adjusted the flippers to be actual size, and tweaked the flipper physics.
- Corrected a couple errors in the table, as the million lights didn't light up correctly, and a few other things.  
- Adjusted the lighting levels some.
- Rothbauerw corrected some code to control the motorbank correctly, as there were cases it wouldn't move or impact nvram.  He also helped correct some other trap code issues.

- Tomate added new plastic ramps and textures.
- Enhanced performance as much as I could by removing all getballs calls and no longer destroy and recreate balls.  I implemented only the gBOT global call.
- Updated the trough code to manage all balls on the table.
- Updated some images to implement see through holes in the apron and back wall.
- And several other updates, all documented in the script.


Once again thank you to Herwey, Rothbauerw, PinStratsDan, Bord, Tomate, Sixtoe, Thalamus, and Benji for improvements, testing, and feedback!!


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