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Star Wars: Death Star Assault (Ultimate Pro) – Epic Space Battles – PinEvent

The circle is now COMPLETE! The EPIC PinEvent update and PuP-Pack is here!

The most EPIC Star Wars table you have ever seen is here! SLAMT1LT's classic table has not only been given an excellent Ultimate Pro update... but now it has been given an EPIC update with TerryRed's "Epic Space Battles" mod, which uses new BAM features to create a virtual pinball table experience you have never seen before.




Epic Space Battles

You will literally see a fully animated galactic space battle take place on the playfield with new spaceships, turbo laser cannon, lasers and explosions.

New 1.1 update for Epic Space Battles!

This table is the first table to use BAM's new "real" spotlight flashers to create realistic lighting for alarm beacons, and a spotlight for Han Solo's Millennium Falcon as it flies around the table! A virtual pinball table first!

Darth Vader

You also have the honor of the presence of the Dark Lord himself! Using BAM's new Custom Models and FBX support, there is now a new fully animated Darth Vader is on the playfield who will react to table events... and even dance to the Disco music during the Game Over / Attract mode!


With full PinEvent support, the table now has excellent DOF feedback, animated MX Led lighting, full SSF, an action packed PuP-Pack and PUPDMD with complete support for ALL cabinet and desktop setups for ALL users.

Enjoy additional cool features provided with PUP Stream options to see the PuP-Pack and FullDMD on the table's backbox, apron, and desktop HUD in all views (desktop, cabinet, vr).


- PinEvent 1.4 or higher installed
- Future Pinball
- latest version of BAM (1.5-317 or higher)
- Pinup Player 1.45 or higher for PuP features


- the table, PuP-Pack, and new Install Instructions PDF are all included at the new download link
- everything you need to know is included in the Install Instructions PDF (included in the table's ZIP file)

PinEvent Features for this table:

- MX Leds
- PuP-Pack
- PUP Stream


Option 0 - DMD, Backglass
Option 1 - Real DMD, Backglass
Option 2 - Full DMD, Backglass
Option 3 - Full DMD on Backglass
Option 4 - Backbox AIO - Square - Speaker Panel, Full DMD, Backglass
Option 5 - Backbox AIO - 4x3 and 5x4 - Speaker Panel, Full DMD, Backglass
Option 6 - PUP Stream - Desktop - FullDMD, Backglass

Note: for PUP Stream there is no Playfield Mini Screen, and there is no Right Apron Card. This is because there is no room for these because the holograms they use will render on top of everything and not look correct.

There is still the Left Apron Card (which is positioned on the right).

Table features:

- updated BAM physics
- BAM shadowmaps
- updated BAM lighting, including new BAM "real" spotlights and beacons
- animated R2-D2 that moves around on the table and shows holograms to give hints on gameplay
- animated Death Star
- animated Lightsabers that will clash and fight depending on who is winning with Bonus Totals (Jedi or Sith)
- choose your Lightsaber colour (during Attract mode)
- choose your Backglass art (during Attract mode)
- full Star Wars soundtrack that changes to gameplay events to give it that blockbuster feel
- huge amount of Star Wars sound effects and voice overs that will blow you away
- "The Force" magnet that will automatically save your ball on the right outerlane if you are a Jedi!
- normal / bump mapping on toys, bumpers, and sidewall art
- fantastic lightshow thanks to FP and BAM's real per-pixel lighting
- fast paced gameplay that nevers lets up
- SOLO mini game
- NEW Time Attack Mode!

New "Epic Space Battles" features:

- Darth Vader: fully animated and reacts to table events and even dances to Disco!
- New toys: X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Millennium Falcon, Turbo Laser Cannon, Vader Tie Fighter
- all ships will hover in place when not doing anything
- X-Wing and Tie Fighters will rotate and fire lasers at each other
- X-Wing will fire lasers at escaping Tie Fighter and destroy it. Another Tie Fighter will fly in to replace it
- Vader's Tie Fighter will fire lasers at escaping X-Wing and destroy it. Another X-Wing will fly in to replace it
- turbo laser will fire and animate with each bumper hit
- all animated sequences have lasers and explosions will real lighting that moves across the playfield. Looks amazing!
- more Lightsaber colours to choose from (blue, green, purple, yellow, orange)
- new static Camera view for Desktop mode that gives a much better stationary view

Virtual Reality: for those of you lucky enough to be able to play FP-BAM in VR properly (nice and smooth, etc)... you will be blown away at what you will see in VR!

USER's TABLE OPTIONS (near the top of the script)


USER's TABLE OPTIONS (while playing)

In Attract mode:

- left flipper changes Lightsaber colour
- right flipper changes to new Static view (if enabled, Desktop only)
- Special 1 button changes Backglass art
- Special 2 button activates lightsabers

During Gameplay:

- Special 1 button changes Backglass art
- Special 2 button changes to new Static view (if enabled, Desktop only)

Table Credits:

SLAMT1LT: table, coding, sound, music, lighting, videos... lots and lots of stuff
Matt Ellis: original table layout (Sci-Fi classic)
TerryRed: Epic Space Battles (code, converted models, animation, lasers, explosions, lighting), lightsaber mod, additional table updates, PinEvent update and PuP-Pack
Fuzzel: Vader Tie Fighter, X-Wing, and Turbo Laser Cannon models
Steve Paradis: R2-D2 model
wild: Death Star model
Gimli and TerryRed: Darth Vader model conversion and animation

BIG Thanks and shout-outs:

- thanks to @SLAMT1LT for his passion in this hobby and continuing to make the kind of tables I and many others enjoy. These tables are top tier quality and simply kick ass!
- @fuzzel for allowing the use of his excellent Vader Tie Fighter, X-Wing, and Turbo Laser models.
- @ravarcade for continuing to amaze us with new features added to BAM and his excellent support. Tables and mods like this wouldn't be possible without you!
- @Gimli for help getting Darth Vader converted and animated properly!
- Steve Paradis (@polygame) for the very cool R2-D2 that still looks great all these years later (only better now that he can move around thanks to BAM)
- Wild for his great Death Star (and previous X-Wing)
- Matt Ellis for the original Sci-Fi Classic table layout many years ago
- Chris Leathley for Future Pinball. I hope you get to see what your program has been able to do all these years later.
- SLAMT1LT, Gimli, GeorgeH, wild, Steve Paradis, ravarcade, and all the others that continue to support and enjoy FP-BAM and all it has to offer

For more info about the Game's Ruleset and the latest SLAMT1LT tables, goto his site:





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