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F-14 Tomcat - Afterburner (PinEvent V2, FizX)

F-14 Tomcat - Afterburner (PinEvent V2, FizX, UPro)


Version: 1.2 (Nov 2022)


This is SLAMT1LT’s F-14 Tomcat (Ultimate Pro 1.01) table which has been updated to my AFTERBURNER and PinEvent V2 mod. It has been completely updated to use the newest BAM features to create an amazing real-time visual treat with cool new additions, as well as excellent new mechanical sounds from FLEEP!


See new features such as real beacon lighting, new mesh inserts with animated RGB lighting effects, new shadowmaps, ray cast shadows, updated playfield art, and more. I’ve added options to change between Modern / Original / AfterBurner music and Modern or Arcade (AfterBurner) PUP-Pack displays at any time during gameplay!




This table has been fully updated with FizX for game changing new physics on Future Pinball. FizX uses techniques similar to nFozzy on VPX to completely change the physics for the flippers, slings, rubbers, targets, ball behavior and more that allows this table play much more realistically than anyone ever thought was possible on Future Pinball. You will be amazed at the difference!




PinEvent V2


This table is also updated to fully support PinEvent V2 features (DOF, PUP SSF, PUP DMD). It has modern PUP DMD display options that can work with all setups. With it's crisp HD text and dazzling videos, it's sure to wow everyone who sees it.




For a video walkthrough of the updates, new features, and all game modes, watch here:















Thanks of course to these awesome contributors:


SLAMT1LT and Chaos: table build

SLAMT1LT: Ultimate Pro 1.01 update

TerryRed: AFTERBURNER table update, PinEvent V2, FizX

Puma: topperlight

JPSalas: apron image

wtiger + ian: plastics source

ganjafarmer: new 4K playfield redraw image

Schlabber34: insert jewel images

FLEEP: mechanical sounds

JLou: FizX and support

ravarcade: BAM and support

Nailbuster: Pinup Player, PUP DMD, PUP SSF

Chris Leathley: Future Pinball




This table is a fan-made work of passion, and is NOT intended for commercial usage or to be included in any part of a commercial sale!




This table is 4 player




Desktop Static Camera Views


  • Press C to cycle through BAM's Desktop Static camera views (if using the included CFG file)


Special 1 or Special 2 key will toggle between Music / Video modes at any time









BAM Ray Cast Ball Shadows:


  • this table was created to look best with the new BAM Ray Cast Ball shadows
  • this feature is ENABLED on the table script by default
  • this feature requires a fast video card, and will use much more of your GPU
  • if the table doesn’t run smooth, then your PC may not be fast enough to handle this feature (and you should disable it)

To disable this feature, you MUST “first” disable it in TABLE OPTIONS (in the table script), AND in the BAM menu “afterward” while playing


  • open BAM menu (~ or Q by default), and goto "Addons - Configure Ball and Shadows"

BAM Menu - Light and Post Processing settings:


  • BAM Lighting and Post Processing settings are set by the table script and will ALWAYS override the user's settings
  • this is required to ensure that all lighting is set correctly at all times.

Physics: FizX v112




Game not running smooth? Try the following:


  • disable RayCast Ball Shadows in TABLE OPTIONS "first", then disable it in the BAM menu while playing (Addons - Configure Ball and Shadows)
  • change physics settings to a FizX Profile that uses 296 FPS, and change xml to fps=296 (in the "FizX - TABLE SETTINGS and CODE - START" section)
  • don't use the FizX 8K or 1K ball model
  • disable any SSAO options in BAM plugins menu (disabled by default)
  • disable Reflections options in FP's Video / Rendering settings



TABLE REQUIREMENTS (very important!)


All Visual C++ updates (to allow BAM to work properly)



Future Pinball and BAM (1.5-353 or higher) is REQUIRED to play this table!


  • for new installs, you can get a 2 in 1 installer at ravarcade’s site (link is below)



****** Don't assume you have the latest BAM. If in doubt, update it! ******


How to “update” BAM:


  • backup your entire BAM folder (located at Future Pinball \ BAM)
  • download the latest BAM update zip file (not the installer), link is below
  • install the latest BAM update (replace all files)
  • copy the BAM.cfg, Reality.dat, Default.cfg from your backup BAM folder and replace the files in your BAM folder (these are your previous BAM settings)
  • or install my “BAM settings” files from my FP and BAM Mega Guide (links are farther down)



TerryRed’s "BAM Settings" (proper default view for cabinets, better static desktop views, etc)


  • I highly recommend you install my "BAM Settings" files, if you have never done so before!
  • I recommend you reinstall them AFTER updating BAM (the BAM update replaces them!)
  • download my "Future Pinball and BAM Mega Guide" zip file (link is below)
  • open the zip file for the setup you have (BAM settings for Cabinet.zip, or BAM settings for Desktop.zip)
  • extract the files (BAM.cfg, Reality.dat, Default.cfg) into the BAM folder (overwrite the current files)

****** 4 GB patch is REQUIRED for both Future Pinball and BAM! ******


  • some tables REQUIRE that FuturePinball.exe and FPLoader.exe (BAM) be patched to allow them to access 4 GB of ram (by default they can only access 2 GB ram)
  • You can get the app to patch them at this link here:




  • I HIGHLY recommend you read my page that explains how to do the patching here (very easy!):





Future Pinball Video Settings and Editor Settings:


  • you MUST have the correct Video and Editor settings for this table to work correctly!
  • I have included a picture of these settings in the table's zip file


Run FPLoader.exe in BAM folder to play this table. DO NOT run directly from the FuturePinball.exe:


  • don't trust start menu or desktop icons, as they may point to FuturePimball.exe instead of FPLoader.exe
  • some people may need to run FPLoader.exe as Administrator at least one time for BAM to work
  • some people have needed to run FPLoader.exe in Windows 8 compatibility mode to prevent crashing


TerryRed's Future Pinball and BAM Mega Guide


  • This has a FAQ with answers to most problems, and other helpful info, and has essential settings files:








TABLE file: “F-14 Tomcat - AfterBurner (1.2 - PinEvent V2, FizX).fpt”


  • this goes in your “Future Pinball \ Tables” folder

CFG file: “F-14 Tomcat - AfterBurner (1.2 - PinEvent V2, FizX).cfg”


  • this goes in your “BAM \ CFG” folder
  • it gives cabinet users a proper cabinet POV
  • it gives desktop users new static camera views (press C to cycle through them)
  • it must be named the same as the table file to work!



  • this is only needed if using PUP DMD or PUP SSF
  • this goes in your “PUPVideos” folder
  • in the PuP-Pack folder, run the “Option” BAT file that matches your setup

FizX – High Quality Polygon Ball model (optional)


  • this is used to allow more accurate physics with FizX
  • read the FizX section for more information before installing this file!



********** HOW TO PLAY THE TABLE **********


  • only use FPLoader.exe (this is BAM) in the BAM folder to play this table. DO NOT run directly from the FuturePinball.exe
  • don't trust start menu or desktop icons, as they may point to FuturePimball.exe instead of FPLoader.exe
  • you "might" need to run FPLoader.exe in Windows 8 compatibility mode to prevent crashing
  • you MUST use the proper Video settings for FP (I have included them in the table's zip file)
  • ALWAYS completely close Future Pinball after exiting a table, or loading another table
  • Future Pinball needs to start “fresh” every time you load and start a table





  • Read the Install Instructions included in the table's zip file.
  • It tells you everything you need to know, has a very helpful FAQ, and has lots of pretty pictures!
  • Again, read the FAQ and the Install Instructions in the table's zip file!








- updates to the table, layout, code, sound, music, items, lighting, models, etc
- removed older items / surfaces / lights no longer used
- adjusted table geometry to allow for better ball flow
- updated BAM lighting and post processing
- updated entire table's G.I. and lighting
- new insert models, lighting, textures, normal maps, decals
- new shadowmaps for G.I and flashers (made to work properly with ray cast ball shadows)
- new FLEEP mechanical sounds
- updated entire table for FizX physics
- added option to change both music and PuP-Pack video display between Modern / Original / Afterburner / Arcade
- added PinEvent V2 support for DOF, SSF, PUP DMD, PUP Stream, TILT BOB, etc
- added TABLE OPTIONS to customize many things on startup, and for performance, etc.
- added new "real" Beacon Lighting using BAM mini playfield and hardware lights
- added new RGB animated effects for inserts
- added new RGB lighting to inserts
- added new sideblades and art
- added and adapted new 4K playfield redrawn image from ganjafarmer
- added PuP Afterburner videos for Arcade mode
- updated the music to now have options to change to new Afterburner music
- added new apron wire trim
- updated upperleft ramp hub, and added new plastic top cover
- added fixes for Damage 100% (now properly makes the game act like a tilt, and ends Yakov mode)
- lots of other updates and details I can't keep track of :)



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  • 8 months later...

Can you inform me how to access the volume controls. I used the Arnoz brain to adjust it and it went down but not back up. Wondering if there is a keystroke that will work. Also, you mention using the old sounds as an option during gameplay. How do I access that option?

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1 hour ago, jasonhaley said:

Can you inform me how to access the volume controls. I used the Arnoz brain to adjust it and it went down but not back up. Wondering if there is a keystroke that will work. Also, you mention using the old sounds as an option during gameplay. How do I access that option?


This table has a big new PinEvent V2, FizX, and table update coming very soon.


You can adjust the Sound and Music volume while playing using HOME/END and PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN. 


You can change the music and videos (if using a pup-pack) at any time using the Special 2 key/button. Whatever that is depends on your keys / button setup. Check FP's Controls settings.

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F-14 Tomcat - Afterburner (1.2 - PinEvent V2, FizX, UPro)

Now available for Future Pinball - BAM!


The new PinEvent V2 / table / FizX update is now here! Please remember to read the included Install Instructions to ensure you are properly updated and setup.


  • update to the latest BAM (currently 1.5-353)
  • patch both FP and BAM to access 4 GB (after updating BAM)
  • reinstall my BAM setting files (after updating BAM)
  • install the new table AND new pup-pack
  • install the included CFG file to "BAM \ CFG" (for proper pov / camera views)
  • install HQ polygon ball to work better with FizX physics
  • use the correct FP and editor settings
  • you MUST update your DOF Config Tool configs for this table to work with DOF!
  • DOFLinx MUST be completely closed when using this table
  • make sure your front end is disabling the FP Backbox / Arcade Mode settings when using this table (to not cover the pup-pack)


If you have "any" problems.... please read the Install Instructions. It has all the info you need, any links you need, and the FAQ at the bottom will have answers to the most common problems.


The new table and PuP-Pack can be downloaded here:



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