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JAWS (Ultimate Pro) – PinEvent

Rom's amazing classic Future Pinball table has been made into an almost completely new game with SLAMT1LTs massive Ultimate Pro update. It doesn't end there...now thanks to a mega huge and slick TerryRed PinEvent update.

This table now has PinEvent support for DOF / MX Leds / PuP-Pack / SSF / PUPDMD / PUP Stream

All Ultimate Pro tables use newer BAM features for better physics, RGB lighting, shadowmaps, real GI lighting, bump mapping, and much more that makes FP tables look and play so much better.





All Previous versions of Jaws

Bruce MB, Barrel MB, Orca MB

Ultimate Pro version

- new BAM physics, GI Lighting, Shadowmaps, Bump maps, RGB Lighting, etc
- Harpoon Launcher
- FIRE Button
- Orca MB
- Barrel MB
- Jaws MB
- Small Wave, Tidal Wave, Tsunami Bonus
- Close the Beaches, Find Ben Gardner, Mary Lee, USS Indianapolis
- Panic Alarm
- Shark Cage Attack
- Find Jaws MB
- Bash / Shoot Jaws
- Kill Jaws
- Killer Shark


With full PinEvent support, the table now has excellent DOF feedback, animated MX Led lighting, full SSF, an action packed PuP-Pack and PUPDMD with complete support for ALL cabinet and desktop setups for ALL users.

Enjoy additional cool features provided with PUP Stream options to see the PuP-Pack and FullDMD on the table's backbox, apron, and desktop HUD in all views (desktop, cabinet, vr).



Ultimate Pro 1.06

PinEvent 1.0

Oct 2020


- PinEvent 1.4 or higher installed
- Future Pinball
- latest version of BAM (1.5-317 or higher)
- Pinup Player 1.45 or higher for PuP features


- the table, PuP-Pack, and new Install Instructions PDF are all included at the new download link
- everything you need to know is included in the Install Instructions PDF (included in the table's ZIP file)

PinEvent Features for this table:

- MX Leds
- PuP-Pack
- PUP Stream


Option 0 - DMD, Backglass
Option 1 - Real DMD, Backglass
Option 2 - Full DMD, Backglass
Option 3 - DMD on Backglass
Option 4 - Backbox AIO - Square - Speaker Panel, Full DMD, Backglass
Option 5 - Backbox AIO - 4x3 and 5x4 - Speaker Panel, Full DMD, Backglass
Option 6 - PUP Stream - Desktop - FullDMD, Backglass

TerryRed Features and fixes

- fixed Kill Jaws Timer not stopping
- added PinEvent support for DOF MX PUP SSF PUPDMD
- added options for adjusting all table lighting
- added option to disable Camera Control prompt for desktop mode
- added auto-disabling of HUD DMD and Videos if VR mode is detected
- added option for using FP hi-score function, or the table script's hi-score code
- adjusted Post Processing and Inserts Lighting (can be changed in TABLE OPTIONS)
- added a 3rd detached nano flasher for GI with its light source positioned above the bumpers
- integrated shadowmaps so they don't need to cache on startup
- added harpoon light bulb on apron to make it easier to know when harpoon is ready

Thanks to:

- Rom for such an amazing classic Future Pinball table
- SLAMT1LT for this massive game changing update
- ravarcade for the amazing updates to BAM and FP he has brought us over the last few years
- Nailbuster for Pinup Player
- Tarcisio Caleiro for his Tarciso shark video
- Chris Leathley for Future Pinball

For SLAMT1LT's latest Future Pinball tables, goto his website:


Here is a video preview of this table in action using PinEvent features:







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