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Lost In Space Retro

After expressing my wish for a pinball table based on the classic LOST IN SPACE television series from the 1960s I was encouraged to try adapting an existing game myself. This is my very first attempt at modifying the art in any virtual pinball simulator, so some might find the result a bit clumsy.  For that reason, anyone who wishes to improve or add features to my version is entirely welcome to do so.
The game itself is Bigus's 1.2 version of the 1998 Sega machine that was a tie-in to the misguided theatrical film.  I love the multiball modes in the game, and thankfully Dick Tufeld reprised his role as the voice of Robot B-9, so it wasn't a hard decision to keep the sounds and gameplay while replacing some of the art with the TV characters and models.
I have included a rudimentary illuminated backglass to complement the table.  I'm sure that others will have good ideas that would make the game look or sound even better, but I am strictly a beginner.  I know nothing about Pup packs or audio substitution yet, though that may come down the road as I learn.  I also have no understanding of primitive modeling, so I simply reskinned the existing Jupiter 2.  That will explain why she's a bit warped.  I left the Robot toy alone for now, but if I learn how to export and edit primitives I will try to replace him as well.
If you're a fan of the series I hope you will enjoy my foray into VP modding.
A big thank you to Bigus for allowing me to adapt his table.


What's New in Version 1.1  (See full changelog)

1.1 - Added AltSound package that replaces a few film actor voices with audio from the TV series.

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  • 8 months later...

VERY new to the hobby and so glad to see this table.... 


To confirm I did this right, the dmd is from the movie lost in space game yes? 


There is not one specific to this version that I should have setup? 



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