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Skyway (Williams 1954)

This Harry Williams-designed woodrail from 1954 is unlike any other pinball game I've encountered. It has a single impulse flipper, a wildly asymmetrical design, a center wire ramp, and beautiful midcentury artwork.


This project was a joint effort between me (models, textures), @scottacus (script, sound, B2S), and @Onevox (full art redraw). We started it nearly a year ago and it came out better than I had hoped.


A couple quick notes

  • right magnasave or "1" key for ball lift
  • game options menu appears by holding the left flipper before starting a game
  • the actual game doesn't track balls played so don't expect a GAME OVER lamp





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This is a fantastic table and we pulled out all of the stops to make it the gold standard for woodrails in vpx!  We could have used a score reel in the DT mode but instead put in an interactive backglass with scoring lights.  Bord tweaked the physics to get it to play like the videos and Onevox redrew the playfield to make it look stunning.  We made a new impulse flipper for it so that when you press the button the flipper moves to end of swing and back to start so that you can't hold a ball like on modern pins.  This is a feature that some guys will change out when they buy a real woodrail but we stuck true to William's original design.  There is also a way to reset the credits to zero ('a' key) so you can pay out to customers who score a lot of replays.  Oh wait a second, that's how pinball got into trouble as a gambling device.  Forget I said that 😉

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Awesome table!!

Thanks Bord Scottacus, and Onevox!!

Masterpiece!! Your work is appreciated my friends!!

Hey when I run this table in DT mode and have B2S enabled, it errors out. Table never starts.

I renamed my User folder, and the error disappears, and backglass shows up.

Is there an easy fix for this, where I don't have to rename or delete my user folder to get the dB2S backglass that comes with the table to show up?



Unchecking Enable EM Reels worked for me!!

dB2S Backglass loads on DT view!!

Thanks to info supplied by wario14nd!!

Thanks again all!!

Carry on.

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