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Twin Peaks VPX table with Backglass and Media files

This table is a re-skin of Froggy Crew's Dark Princess table. Thanks to Froggy Crew for offering to assist with the code - but few changes were required.


It is themed after the original television show Twin Peaks from the 1990's. How this has not been done previously is beyond me.


This is purely a fan tribute. It is available free to the community to share and enjoy.


The pack contains the table, ULTRA DMD, media and backglass files.


Player options at the top of the script.


No rom file required.


Table uses the DarkPrincess rule set. The following applies as in the DP table.

Changelog v1.3 FUN/PRO

'-Add a FUN and Pro Mod (select on startgame)
'-Add a Jukebox mod (Pull Plunger or launchball)
'-Add a DMD options (Size and Position)
'-Fun mod with random Missions 
'-PRO mod for progress Missions 


NEW version 1.1 - uploaded - only the vpx file has changed.


Videos of playfield here 




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