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Tee'd Off (Gottlieb 1993)

This golf themed table carries the spirit of "Caddyshack." Gunther the gopher will pester and annoy you throughout the game. Rack up points during rounds or multiball specials.  Like a true golfer, you'll be able to gamble your entire score on a double or nothing challenge by completing the "SKINS" game.


Version 2.0:

Special thanks to fluffhead35 for kickstarting an update to this table. 


This update includes:

  • The latest physics: nfozzy physics, flipper tricks, rubber dampener, rubberizer, drop targets, and stand-up
  • Fleep sound package
  • VPW insert lighting
  • VPW dynamic ball shadows (with performance fix that should allow use in VR)
  • A fun golf themed VR Room 
  • Other miscellaneous improvements to visuals, physics, and scripting



Physics and sound updates: fluffhead35

Playfield and Plastic redraws by rothbauerw

Golf Course VR Room: rothbauerw, Rawd

Primitives: Dark (Volcano, Red Ramp, Tee Box,, Wire Ramps, Gopher Wheel)

Minimal VR Room and Cab: Uncle Paulie and Sixtoe

Translight image: borgdog

B2S (and images for VR backglass): Hauntfreaks

Other support work: tomate, Uncle Paulie, kiwi (borrowed elements from Surf 'N Safari), VPW for testing, resources, and a great collaboration environment

Addition credits to the authors of No Good Gofers, the VR golf cart and gopher stool are borrowed from that table.


Getting a clean ROM up and running:

Follow these instructions to load factory settings or download the nvram files and install them into your VPinMAME nvram directory:


  1. Press the "7" key
  2. Press "End" to open the coin door
  3. Use the "7" key to bring up the menu
  4. Use the flippers to go to "Game Adjustments"
  5. Press the start button ("1" on my machine) to load factory settings
  6. Press start one more time
  7. Press the "Home" key to SLAM TILT and reload the game


Available for download:

  • Tee'd Off Table
  • Tee'd Off Backglass by Hauntfreaks
  • Caddyshack Alternate Backglass
  • nvram files


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