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The Addams Family (Bally 1992)

This was a huge labour of love for the team. g5k and 3rdAxis had started a build and reached out to Sliderpoint who had also been working on an update. We joined together to make this recreation. This version is the version from my (g5k) cabinet that I maintain. I know 3rdAxis has been maintaining a VR version which has optimisation not relevant to cabinet and desktop users. If you are a VR user grab his, if you are a cabinet or desktop user this is the latest uncompromised version relative to the original release.


F6 for the options (must have exclusive full screen off to set up these and then turn back on after setting your mods) and script options.


Enjoy and please don't redistribute or use this for financial gain.


Shoutout to Sliderpoint, hope you are doing well mate and ok.


ps. Make sure you pickup the incredible colorisation as well on this site by NetzZwerg and WOB.

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omg your a boss thank you thank you g5k you rock dude i am so happy to see this and thank you @sliderpoint i remember when you came  over and filmed gameplay on adams family with me and my friend bruce in spokane so you had something to help tune your phyics with,  glad to see that was a productive as well as fun evening playing pins with you

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Beautiful table! I noticed that the Uncle Fester figure is animated. It's cool and a little reminiscent of FX3 animations (though more tasteful). But I am curious if there's a way to turn that off for a more authentic experience?

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This table is amazing but few things bother me :

- Compare to the TAF V2.1 uncompressed it is too dark even at max settings (4).

- Even with The Cabinet anti-strech the ball option activated, the ball has an egg shape.

-  The leather thing box option don't work proprely, it often appears in plastic appearance.

- I use the internal VPX DMD in rotated mode (one screen use) an I have to use the F5 Key each time i start the table cause the DMD disappear 2 sec after.

- When the ball goes down the lane, the plunger tip should move backward with the hit, but nothing happens.

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found an unlucky bug today. After plunging the ball it was kind of stuck in the gate (not gate but end/edge of the plunger lane)  next to the "boxed hand". VPX crashed. Got an error in line 1932. I guess, it has to do with the ball not roling anymore? I am on VPX10.7.2 rev343 - great creation this table anyway i love it!!

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