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Five nights at freddy(FNAF)

Happy Halloween! enjoy and please rank the table and leave a comment behind.
Thanks for all the reactions, it really cost me a lot of time to build this or any table. 
First of all the round of thanks:
Thanks to drjameshouse for helping and writing the code together
Thanks to jpsalas for helping the kicker issue
Thanks to godisnothere for the topper and wheels(included in the zip) 
Thanks to uers1983 for his lovely wheels(included in the zip)
Thanks to tartzani to help me with the light issue
Thanks to Hauntfreaks for his eye ball image, and solving the memory leak issue(my textures where to big 4096x4096 is the max you can use)
Thanks to Tomato for helping with the tube in blender
This is a original table with all the files included in the table. Modding only by approval.
With 1,3 and 5 million you will get an extra ball
This table started of as a request from gamemodder, so he could learn to build a table. Then he quit and i tried it with snapstick but he was to busy. Then i asked a friend and he also quit. Luckily i found drjameshouse and he helped with the code and things on the table to get familiar with vpx. We where on a time pressure, because i wanted to release the table before halloween. 
this table has a day and night modus. You start in the day 6:00 the time will move till you reach 00:00 there will be an intro and the scary part begins. Can you survive the night?
Day modus
the kickers for kitchen and stage are available(no time restriction, it will stop the day timer and after completing the items, the daytimer will be turned on again).
collect 3 pizza slices
collect 3 Milkshakes
collect 3 Presents
collect 3 pizza boxes
collect 3 cans
collect 3 Guitars
collect 3 Monitors
collect 3 Flashlights
collect 3 voicerecorders
collect 3 Microphones
hit F-U-N-N-Y
Night modus
to escape the night hit and complete the targets: N-I-G-H-T. There will be a random timer so Freddy and his friends will jump scare you and then you will loose the ball. If you loose the ball in the night, you will have to start over the day just like in FNAF.
add the end of the ball you will get an extra target bonus and bumberhits bonus
How many nights can you survive?  


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