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Escape from monkey island

After 5 months its there, enjoy and please rank the table and leave a comment behind.
Thanks for all the reactions, it really cost me a lot of time to build this or any table. 
First of all thanks to this people, that helped and made it all possible for you all to play this table:
I hope i didn't forget anybody! You all know what you did and I'm very grateful for the help. Thank you so much!
This is a original table with all the files included in the table. Modding only by approval.
So i thought this was a table of ivantba, but i was wrong it was a vpx8 table of ianski and Popotte. 
From 2016 (on my birthday) there was a remake and because the project was abandoned, i decided to blew new life in this table.
i asked permission from ianski and got yes, Popotte gave the rules of the table and there was a start. 
After i was busy Shoopity joined and also: Wylte,ronaldvg,Snaptick.
Then it was quiet for a long time, Shoopity didn't had time anymore to finish everything(Thanks my friend for everything).
Then VPinWorkshop joined and helped me to get the table ready for release.    
- hit the 3 targets above IN SU LT to get the insult bonus and to unlock the voodoo lady
- Hit 3 times the left ramp to unlock the scumm bar
Complete the  5 voodoo moduses(timer 90 seconds and lose the objects after a drained ball)
- VoodooMagic (collect 5 eye's)
- VoodooChicken (collect 5 chickens)
- VoodooMushroom (collect 5 mushrooms)
- VoodooDolls (collect 5 dolls)
- VoodooEars (collect 5 ears)
Complete the  5 bar moduses(timer 90 seconds and lose the objects after a drained ball)
- Spitting (text base, use your flippers to create spitting power)
- Treasure (hit the treasure chest thats stuck in the wall in the playfield below to get a new treasure chest and the treasure)
- BarFight (hit 5 fists)
- CoinFrenzy (collect 5 coins)
- Duels (see the flashing light for the lane lane that you have to shoot 3 times)
Complete the 8 items from LeChuck to escape monkey island(timer 60 seconds and lose the object after a drained ball)
- bone
- pirate book
- skull
- monkey sword
- mug
- compass
- keys
Complete other modes
- High Dive
After 3 times the ball is played in the volcano this will start automatically, the ball will dive in the volcano and come up again and you have a 50% change of completing this mode.
- Swords Master
To complete the mode you have to have a level 10 sword mastery. Everytime the ball will go into the volcano and trough the grog machine your level will increase till 10 times that will complete the mode.
- Grave Digger
Play the lane behind the scummbar 3 times to dig in the graveyard and complete the mode
- Dainty Lady
if you hit the poopdeck on the end of the poopdeck you will get a crew member(they will sit on the dock) after 5 times the crew is complete and Dainty Lady will be complete.
Escape from monkey island
after all these modes the escape light will blink and you have to hit the 5 exit signs to complete the table, after that everything will be resetted.
Monkey battle
Hit the planks of the three monkey's they will be angry and if you hit all three you won one round. After 5 rounds you will get a multiplier that stays during the game. And after 10 rounds you will get again a multiplier till 12x 
At the end of a ball you have extra bonusses
- Target bonus
- Ramp bonus
- Barrel bonus
Can you escape?


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