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Fan In Backbox Like Twister Or Whirlwind

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I was thinking of having this toy for quite some time, I made a quick installation of the fan in my cab, here's how it looks:




The model i chose is the NoiseBlocker BlackSilent Pro PK3




So, it has 1700 RPM, 30 DB, 200 ma so ledwiz stay cool with it.


The only disadvantage i see is it takes 4 seconds to be at his full speed, but it will always be used for events that takes at least 4 or 5 seconds.


Tried with Whirlwind, Twister and it is a real nice add-on, but i have quite some ideas to use it on other pinballs ;)


I would like to have a fan housing according to my fan, but i have no idea where to go for this, if you have some for me.


Something that could help the wind to go into the same direction, my face :D

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Well, if you put it in front of your speakers, i can imagine the lost of the sound, and you have the wind in the direction your stomach, i can orientate mine to my face :)


i'll go to mameman like i did in the past, hoping he can help me with the design or the 3d draw of the fan housing :)

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Hi Greg ;)


Because it takes some time to be at full speed, I'm not 100 % sure yet if this is the fan i will keep.


I had a look also about turbo blower from marine products


Like this one:


Here's a demo of if of the 4"
The one that i'm grabbing an eye of it
Turbo 3000 12V nominal 120 cfm open flow, 90 cfm in system, 2.6 amp, and a 4-amp fuse
i have the zebboards, with has a limit of 4 amp of per output.
What do you think of this model?
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I was not really completely satisfied with the fan that i installed, so i bought the Attwood 4000


I tested outside vp and it is night and day, much more powerful!


It is only available in white, so i painted it in black, well, the outside only, it's not possible to unmount the wheel and the motor






That's strange, i had to place the wheel behind to receive the wind, but i can deal with it.


I don't have any space left on the ledwiz for the moment, so i couldn't rom control, so i'll fix this soon.


Apparently i would be able to control the speed of the fan with ledwiz software, to customize the effect for different tables, can't wait!

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I forgot to put a video of it in action, here it is at full power (i only use half intensity for whirlwind or twister)





If you want a vid of it in action with twister or whirlwind, i can do one ;)


(is it possible to embed a youtube video on a post??)


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hehe :)


i almost got ill when i played Twister for more than an hour the first time, fortunately DOF allows me to reduce the intensity, I24 is far enough


In summer hot times, this is very practical also, i put it ON with I16 and it is keeping me cool, with a fresh aperitif :)

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Mine is the 4 inch version, there's a 3 inch version available.

So i guess you would need a more regular cpu fan for the speaker grill, i tried one but it took some seconds to be at full speed, you need a very fast one like mine.

Also yoy really need the wind your head, not your belly :D

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Considering I am short as all fuck... It would hit me in the head. And if you want a PC Fan that spins up fast, look into the higher end of the spectrum. Zalmann comes to mind as much better fans. Actually, Some of the fastest responding fans you will find anywhere.. Are CPU Coolers. Again, the higher end stuff. Not the $9.99 mom and pop computer shop specials.

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i'm short as well, but not at that point :)


I tried one, i talked about it on the first post, it was way too slow.


I did a lot of research with pc fan or other fans, which zalman are you thinking of?

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if they are quiet that normally means they are not powerful enough, for our purpose, which is different than a cooling a pc.


The Attwood 4000 starts at 200 cfm so you feel the air very quickly, and then slows down to 100 cfm in constant mode.


In comparison, a pc fan go will "slowly" increase his speed to achieve his normal speed.


I use the fan for afm when the saucer explodes, on mm when the castle gets destroyed, on high speed when the it passes every ramp loop, the fan needs to be VERY VERY responsive (instantly) or the delay will mess up the effect, 


I haven't tried all the fans or i don't want to discourage you to opt that way, so try it and let us know ;)

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Old thread, but inspiring....


I got an attwood 3000 for my cab (could have gotten a 4000 locally), and it works great. What do you use to allow for speed control? I currently have it running on my sainsmart relay board for on/off (dof min/max intensity at 48) which works fine, but full speed may be too much. I can run it off 5V but its too slow. I don't have anything that would allow for PWM, and I already have a 5V and 12V supply in the cabinet (don't want to get a 24V supply)  I also don't have a shaker or gear motor yet, and would prefer to be able to run everything off 12V so I can turn off everything that's noisy via my kill switch for night mode (which turns off 12V for relays / sainsmart board)


Also I was considering mounting it to blow through the coin door kind of like randr did. How have you found using it on top of the cabinet works for you? I noticed that having a hose on the output end does help with the noise alot (which is why I might put it inside the cabinet)


Any ideas /suggestions?


DOF is amazing btw (thanks swisslizard) and your DOF config tool is awesome....made for easy and fun testing. 

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So I decided to try randr's unique method....




....by installing it inside the cabinet and blowing air out through the coin eject hole and up to your face. This worked well for the space that I had. I just mounted it in front of the coin door (I don't use the coin mechanism) and connected with a bathroom vent hose. The only problem is coming up with some sort of upward facing scoop to use at the coin door eject hole. I haven't been able to find anything I can get to hack / work that was effective and could be installed with the mounting options that I had. So I just made my own hack job...





I really hope I can find something that will work better....   any suggestions? 



Here's a quick video demonstration:


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