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[New VP10 Hybrid Alert] Triple Strike VPX(Hybrid)


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Triple Strike VPX(Hybrid)

Triple Strike 5.0 (Williams 1975) - Nov 2021 - Hybrid release - THIS TABLE WORKS IN DESKTOP, CABINET,  AND VR modes

I started work on this table in 2010...  It's been a long road..  :)


This is a complete overhaul of the 2017 VPX release by CKPin and I, which was based on my VP9 release from 2010.

Hybrid version, New plastics, new Dynamic lights and shadowing, playfield meshes, new sounds, new VR room, physics tweaks, code completely cleaned and restructured

I received help on the original VP9 table from: Greywolf (original artwork), Rascal, Noah Fentz, UncleWilly, Wizards_Hat, Bob5453, JP Salas & Sabbat Moon.

BIG Thanks to ** CKPin ** for his help with the update from VP9 to VPX in 2017 along with his own upgrades.(Options menu, 3/5 ball game, new flippers etc).
I couldn't have done the original VPX conversion without his help, and a lot of his work remains in this release.
Other contirbuters at this time included Arngrim, rosve, BorgDog, jesperpark, & Haunts.

Thanks to Rascal and Steely for all of their help with the VR Room.
Thanks to Unclewilly for help moving the EM reels into VR.
Thanks to Basti for the original Minimal room models and textures from his Safe Cracker VR Release
Thanks to Leon Alexanian for the EM reel and Ballcount reset code.
Thanks to Scampa123 and Leon Alexanian for testing and finding bugs.
Thanks to VPW team for their Example table (Dynamic shadows and ball rolling sounds used)

Recommended B2S by Pookamoondo:  (NOT REQUIRED FOR VR)


*** Hold both flippers before starting a game to open the in-game options menu. ***
*** Use left Magnasave to swap flipper colours ***

There are more options near the top of the script.





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On 1/9/2024 at 9:25 AM, BraveNewSoma said:

Would be nice if backglass reflections were disabled in cabinet mode.


You can create a table override in the video preferences in VPX.  Click on Preferences. Select Video/Graphics options.  In the upper left corner, select specific table override.  Then in the middle, there is an option "Max Reflection Mode" - you need to select "Disable reflections" then click save overrides.  This will disable all reflections, which includes the backglass reflection.


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