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[New PuP-Pack Alert]DeadPool PupPack 2.0

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DeadPool PupPack 2.0



TABBLE Update Version 1.06

This is the Last version of JPsalas table converted to work with this pup pack.


A special Thanks to VPFIENDS that jumped right away to help with the conversion (You Rock Man)


Deadpool PupPack 2.0


#####please read this#####

Do not copy paste this puppack with the old one .. Please just delet the 1.0 puppack  and use this one !!! Thanks#######

All videos were improved , the difference from the previous version is tremendous.
New call outs design.

A Lot of new videos.
More screen Options.
Videos for all the 7 battles.
Table fixed to keep the highscores.
and much more.


Extra Screens with call outs on Apron make all the table look really good.
You need VPX 10.7 and you should run the table in exclusive fullscreen if you gonna
use the apron screens (options to turn ON and OFF on the top of the script) 
Slow PC recommended OFF, as default it's OFF

====Check Pictures above=====


Thanks to my TeamMate Tuga Pedro Peres


Credits inside



Screenshot 2021-08-26 203344.png


Custom Options for screens in the Table Script

As default it's OFF



Screenshot 2021-08-26 210153.png


Run the Bat file you want inside the Pupack Folder


Screenshot 2021-08-26 210250.png


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Total noob here - this is my first pup i tried to load (after baller installer).  I was able to add the vpinballx.exe 10.7 beta (after getting the error on 10.6) and I can get the table to load, add a credit, pull the plunger, and tilt/nudge.  What I cannot figure out is the Start key.  Where can I view a mapping of keys on this or any table?


EDIT: Self-solved, had to press and hold the 1 key.  Now it works fine.

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