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Artwork and printing questions


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Hello everyone,


    I'm looking after 15 years :) to put a vinyl printing on my pincab.  I know what I like.  Something around star wars theme...I see some web site where you can pay for art design and printing, I'm 100% willing but is this the right way to do it ?  I dont know if i can say this over here but i actually like to have something similar has print art has stern pinball star wars..Is this legal ? Should I find myself the picture and send them ?  


Any advice is welcome!






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Hmm. There used to be a guy who does the print job popping his head in here, kind of refreshing his thread. Bowman or something like that, US guy. I ordered from him even if I live in Norway. If I where to build me a new cab, I would contact him again. I'm sure someone remember his name and can correct me. I had Stuzza over at VPF create my design. It was a dialogue going back and forth until I was happy with the result. There is many great artists in this community, so, you don't need to settle on him. He just knows 100% what you need since he has created more than a few. He gives you a pdf, color correct for print. So, it is basically shipping it for print to that guy I mention and then wait.


Just telling you what I did.


Update : Just checked my gmail and his name is Bradley Bowman - I've got his email - but, I have no idea if he is still in business. Don't want to put his email out in the open so PM me if you want it.

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Brad Bowman. He did mine in 2017.  I think it was around $130.00.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I would grab a free Stuzza file to use as a template. I used Inkscape to place everything.


 Your machine looks great!




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