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Big Trouble in Little China?

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Does anyone know of the guy who was making the BTILC table and pup is here? I think his name was something like Joost... 


He had a cool thread going at vpinball, I don't know if he abondoned the project but it was a cool one and something I was definitely keeping tabs on. 


If youre here (Joost?) please tell me this one is still on the back burner! 

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Posted (edited)


I was in contact with Joost Proost (Jachim) via Vpinball and Discord. Havent got in touch with him for a while now.
I'm also also  excited about his Big Trouble project and pitched a few PUP idea's to him.
Made a few clean plates from the movie for use.

Hope its still in development...

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20 hours ago, Gwen said:

I wouldn't hold my breath guys.  It's already been a long time and Joost Proost hasn't been around.


Too bad really, I was excited about this one too.  =(

Yeah, but i'm still hoping he will join us again. I have made a few nice assets he could use in this game :)

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