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VR ROOM Roller Derby (Bally 1960)

Many thanks to HSM from VPforum for creating this table and permission to port to VR.


Apologies in advance for the poor graphics on the cabinet. I struggled to find any true images so what you see is not high resolution.


This is a bingo pinball. When you launch the table in VR, press the R key from your keyboard to see the rules and coin operation on your left hand side. Your flipper buttons and magnasave have other operations in this game so please review the instruction card once the game is loaded.


Once the ball is at the plunger, you can press the R key to zoom in on the ROLLER card for special features.


I am keen for feedback on how to make the table play more realistic. I would like the holes to be more realistic if anyone has any suggestions after playing.




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Tried this on my Cab last night. I had to use the December release of VPVR for the back glass to show the ball numbers and features properly. Also the right Ctrl button doesn't seem to do anything. The left Ctrl increases the odds and the Enter increases the features and odds as they should. There doesn't seem to be a working key to try for extraballs after you shoot your 5th ball. However I did notice if you run the odds to max on all 3 colors some times the extra balls will come up before you shoot the first ball. I used to own a real Silver Sails Bingo Pin and miss it, this table has the same features, and I really enjoy playing it. The nudging leaves something to be desired though...

Thanks for putting this into VR, it's the best simulation i have seen to date.. :)

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Nice improvements! Buttons are all working now. The nudging around the holes is much better. The extra ball is working after the fifth ball now. You have tightened up the odds a little to much, before it was to easy to increase odds and features, now it a little to tight compared to a real Bingo. One other thing I noticed is sometimes only the K lights for the OK feature, they are both always supposed to light together. Also when after 5th ball is lit the magic screens should still work during the extra balls as well. Thanks for the improvements, I'm really enjoying playing this table. Great Job!!

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