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Pinup Popper and animated GIFs for Wheels don't work

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21 hours ago, Riseagainst said:

As far as I figured out you need pinup 1.4.6+ In order to display them. I have and apng files are not even shown in median manager as preview. Don't know...

Can you open an APNG file on your cab. Have you updated all 4 .exe files included in the last update 

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On 8/24/2021 at 3:07 PM, Riseagainst said:

No they dont open in the preview.

Im not asking if you can preview them. I was asking if you can open a APNG file on your cab? Download a wheel from this site then open it on the PC you use for pinball. Not in the frontend or using media manager. If it doesn't open Associate the file to google chrome then open it and see if it now opens. Second half of my question you didn't answer. Have you updated to the latest release of popper there are 4 exe files in the download  copy and paste them over your existing files. I'm not sure what the release numbers are as I'm running a beta version. Delete previous media before  adding the APNG files. It will create a matching PNG image as it takes a second for the APNG wheel to kick in. 

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I have all the latest version of the pinup popper, etc...still can't get animated wheel images to work.  I saved them in the wheel folder with the standard ones.  I have both the animated on and the standard one in the media manager for the tables.  Apng and png files.  Thanks for any help.

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