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Plate glass or Plexi?

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I'm on the last few laps of my cabinet build .

Should i use Plexiglass or plate glass to protect the playfield monitor?


I can see advantages to both but am unsure if Plexi scuffs easily and what is the minimum thickness??


42" playfield, 24" backglass,  10inch DMD /topper .


the glass or plexi is to go in the Aluminium channel.





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All pinballs use tempered glass. Tempered so it's more durable, and if it ever does break it shatters into harmless chunks instead of deadly knives like conventional plate glass. Plexiglass is never used because it sags and can be easily broken.

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Tempered glass. Are there any local shops within driving distance?  They can meet your custom needs and are very inexpensive. 3/16” is standard, I think?


My local glass shop (Lebanon, OH) ordered mine and it took about a week to come in.

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