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Magic city restoration

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This has by far been my favorite restored on an EM and top 3 with all pinballs.  I absolutely love the 60s era pinball games. This game was in pretty good shape when I picked it up but with help from @RONR11, we got it running like it was back in the 60s.  The playfield is in excellent shape.  It had 1 small mark where the left flipper has hit the table at one time but it was all green and touch up is very hard to see.  The cabinet artwork i hand touched up and going to put a coat of poly on the cab to seal it but the colors turned out amazing.  The game is so fun to play, I could sit there for an hour and curse out how hard it is to get all the targets hit to spell MAGIC * CITY.  

@loserman76did a great job building this and the add a ball version.  @mlager8jumped at the chance to do a BORDesque type full render so we took the playfield image and measured all posts, openings, everything down to I think the 64th of an inch.  He completely redid the image to add even the finest of details.  I am putting it back together now with the correct table dimensions and the new pf image.  Hopefully when we get done it will get the seal of approval from @bordbecause I know he loves these games and I think it will be one of his favorites.






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You put the before shot last, so for a second my brain went "Oh no, what happened!?" 🤣


Great job, it looks really good!  Excited to see more fully rendered tables, I think bord has got me hooked.

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Looks incredible. Truly a gorgeous piece of pop art.


With you, Matt, and Jeff on the project I'm sure the VPX version will be stellar.

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