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Issue with Master of the Universe Pinball VR and Harry Potter and the goblet of fire

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I wish I could have some help for both of these awsome tables.


  • Master of the universe (He men) VR :


Even if I have ultraDMD installed and displayed on my main screen, it is not displayed on the VR DMD which remain empty... Does anyone could help with settings


  • Harry Potter and the goblet of Fire VR:


All the parts of the pupplayer backglass are displayed on my Pc's screen but not into the VR game. Backglass remain fully black during the VR session. So if you could help with settings. I've read about a setting list for this table and I can't find it...


For both of those games, I have music, I can play... but I'm prevented from having DMDs while playing.


A great thank you for the creators ! Your tables are so impressive ! And a great thank you if anyone could help.


As I heard once : "Keep flipping" 😁

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