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NASA Game Persevere in Kewah TX.

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Neat joint while on vacation thought I’d share.  24 pins.  Wide variation of EM’a to current Pro models.  Not cared for as well as I’d have liked with many not even kicking out the trough ball, but working enough for a unique experience.  Many, MANY arcades. Not my jazz but my kid really loved a few.  (Terminator 2, specifically lol.  We played the hell outta that thing enough to where my wrist is still on fire from the chattering.) If you’ve never played Roller Disco that thing is just big enough to be super cool! Very large cabinet! 4 year old for scale.  Tucked away down what feels like a legit 1/8th mile walk! 15$ all day free play very worth it.  

(Don’t mind the Hooters cup.  My kid said the wings were fantastic.)











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Looks like a great father-son adventure, thanks for sharing. Your kid is adorable and great to see he likes playing pinball at such a young age. I introduced my son to real pinball when he was about that age, he liked it so much we ended up building a vpin together as a father-son project..

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Thanks @robertms! It’s nice to have our hobbies, but it’s even better to pass them on and relive the journey.  Love hearing good-Dad stories and sharing.  Keep up the good work, Dads!

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