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Downloads maintenance - possible database corruption happening.

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Thanks for all the effort getting things fixed. Sometimes there are things that are out of our control, but you didn't give up.


I am sure once things are up and running we'll all pretty quickly have forgotten about it.

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This is still ongoing... we fixed one issue, but encountered a different problem now.  I have multiple engineers and database admins looking into this and helping out.

BTW - I'm hoping that the cloud hosts have a resolution for me today.  Evidently this is a pretty major bug that I found in their system.  I could easily create/duplicate PBs of data right now and the

Hell Everyone,   My apologies, but I've had to take downloads offline for today. Running into a problem that is possibly causing database corruption.  I have a couple different support group

41 minutes ago, daveloro said:

can we please have an update on how things are going? i need a few tables and things that i cant get anywhere else. love it here.

If I had one... I'd post one.  I just don't have an update right this minute. 

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