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Starting VPX from Pinup Popper locked at 30 fps?

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Hi All,


I have been playing Vpin cabs for several years, but only last week did I decide to have a go at pinup popper. Used the baller installer and it set everything up pretty well. But, I noticed when using pinup popper to start a vpx table (with either a b2s backless or pup pack), the table seems locked at 30fps. But, when I fire up the same table from vpx, without the frontend running, I get close to 90 fps.


On nail buster's website, I found a startup flag for future pinball, but not something similar for VPX: https://www.nailbuster.com/wikipinup/doku.php?id=emulator_future_pinball&s[]=fps 

Is there something I am missing?

My cab specs:
Core i7 4790K
16Gb RAM
GTX1660 Super

4k PF
HD backglass

I know its a lot of pixels to push, but using MSI Afterburner, the GPU nor CPU are working hard. So, hardware does not seem to be the bottle neck. 

Any suggestions?

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